HTML Formatter

Format HTML

Paste or type your HTML markup here and then press “format”.

HTML Formatter Instructions

  • Type or paste your HTML in the text box.
  • Press format.
  • The formatter is preset to use 2 spaces for indentation, 1 extra line break between tokens and never to line-break lines – just the way we like it.

HTML Formatter Synonyms.

The following are some commonly used synonyms to “HTML Formatter”.

  • HTML Beautifier
  • HTML Pretty Printer
  • Beautify HTML
  • Pretty Print HTML

Your data is safe. HTML formatter never sends, stores or transfers your data or the HTML markup that you enter into our tools to anywhere. The HTML formatter works 100% in pure javascript directly in your browser, which means that the data never touches a database, server, cookie or any other type of storage device you can imagine. Private, secure and always 100% transparent.

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