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Punycode Converter Instructions

  • Separate values with a new line and/or a comma.
  • You can encode & decode up to 10 million rows at a time.
  • You can enter IDN URLs in any format you want: with http(s)://, without http(s)://, with subdomains (like www), without subdomains, with or without TLD (.com), with the complete path or without, and even with URI parameters (?q=123) if you like. You can even enter non-url related text. Keep in mind that this tool is built for IDN domains and URLs and as such will consider anything after a single forward slash (/) on the same line to be a URI path which extends a domain name, and therefor not encode/decode anything after the first single forward slash.

Punycode examples

Unicode ASCII
röntgen.de xn‐‐rntgenwxa.de
sängkappor.se xn‐‐sngkapporv2a.de
光明网.中国 xn‐‐54q391clos.xn‐‐fiqs8s
❤️🍺.ws xn‐‐qei9934eg4vg.ws

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  • Added
  • Encoded

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